Thursday, April 18, 2013

David Greenberg: April 24th 

Title: Accurate Optical AP Detection During ‘Natural’ Behavior: Two Inference Problems

Abstract: Two-photon calcium imaging can detect single action potentials in populations of spatially resolved neurons in vivo, but using it to quantitatively compare spiking and behavior requires solving several problems of analysis and experimental technique. This talk will focus on two such problems: accurately inferring spike counts from fluorescence signals, and measuring visual input in freely moving animals. For optical action potentials detection several algorithms exist along with a growing corpus of ground truth datasets. I will describe these as well as some current work to develop algorithms that are effective on a wide range of in vivo data, to develop metrics for testing spike inference, and to create a public database of ground truth measurements. In the second half of my talk, I will describe a system for eye tracking in freely moving rats compatible with two-photon imaging through optical fibers. I will also briefly describe some insights into the activity of cortical populations and rodent visual behavior provided by these methods.

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