Thursday, August 19, 2010

Submit jobs to the HPC cluster from matlab

While we are talking about tools for using the HPC cluster, here's an ad for a tool of my own.

I have been using agricola to submit jobs to the HPC cluster from within matlab.  It is a very simple tool:  Instead of launching a calculation on your local machine by typing in the matlab prompt:

my_result = my_function( some_parameters ) ;

one types:

sow( 'my_result' , @()my_function( some_parameters ) ) ;

This will copy all the .m files in your current directory into a folder on the HPC submit machine, generate a submit file there, and launch the calculation on the cluster. Then some time later, when you suspect the job is done, you type:


which makes the variable  my_result  appear in your matlab workspace.  reap itself returns all the .out, .log, and .err files for you to look at from within matlab.

Unlike Max's code, agricola does not aim to parallelize your code; it just handles sending files back and forth with ssh and job submission.

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