Sunday, November 3, 2013

Prof. Wei Ji Ma (NYU): November 6th

Abstract: My lab just arrived at NYU ( We do human psychophysics, behavioral modeling, and neural modeling. Today, I will be telling three short stories that are still in development:

1) Do humans aspire to optimality or favor simple heuristics in their decision-making? Both notions are prominent in different domains, but it is rare that they can be pitted directly against each other. We do so in a simple, new visual search task.

2) Confidence ratings are widely used in psychophysics, but rarely fitted. In a working memory task in which stimulus estimates and confidence ratings were collected, we tested different mappings from precision to confidence. It seems this mapping is logarithmic.

3) Using forward models of fMRI activity, we are trying to not just decode the stimulus but also uncertainty. A big problem is how to estimate the covariance matrix. I will discuss where we are currently stuck.

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