Sunday, October 6, 2013

Prof. Rahul Mazumder: Oct 9th

Title: Low-rank Matrix Regularization: Statistical Models and Large Scale Algorithms

Abstract: Low-rank matrix regularization is an important area of research in statistics and machine learning with a wide range of applications --- the task is to estimate X, under a low rank constraint and possibly additional affine (or more general convex) constraints on X. In practice, the matrix dimensions frequently range from hundreds of thousands to even a million --- leading to severe computational challenges. In this talk, I will describe computationally tractable models and scalable (convex) optimization based algorithms for a class of low-rank regularized problems. Exploiting problem-specific statistical insights,  problem structure and using novel tools for large scale SVD computations play important roles in this task. I will describe how we can develop a unified, tractable convex optimization framework for general exponential family models, incorporating meta-features on the rows/columns.

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